New 200W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel

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Newpowa's New 200W 12V Monocrystalline High-efficiency Solar Panel is ideal for bringing power to applications when away from the grid. It is commonly used in RV, Marine, Boat, Camping, Traffic signals, and many other applications.

New design:

Built with higher efficiency cells that allow for a better light conversion rate.

9 BusBar Features

  • Under ideal conditions, 9 busbar PV module will outperform the dated 5 and 6 busbar technology. The void space reduction between the 9BB solar cells is designed to enhance the overall efficiency of the PV module by lowering current lengths and mitigating against loss of output.

Key Features

  • Reduction in footprint by ~20%: Dimensions: 1404 x 705 x 33mm (55.28 x 27.76 x 1.38 in)
  • Higher cells efficiency, better light converting rate
  • Maximum Efficiency: 21.3%
  • Nominal 12V DC for standard output
  • Heavy-duty anodized frame with pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Rugged design to withstand high winds (2400Pa), hail, and snow load (5400Pa)
  • High-transparent, low iron tempered glass
  • Durable TPT back sheet - dissipates heat to insure better panel performance and lifespan
  • Pre-installed bypass diodes inside junction box that minimize power drops caused by shading
  • Pre-attached 3ft wire with connectors (M/F)
  • Compatible mount brackets (sold separately): NPB-UZ (2 sets recommended), NPB-200P, NPB-400P
  • Product Code NPA200S-12I
  • Maximum power (Pmax) 200W
  • Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 18.6V
  • Current at Pmax (Imp) 10.76A
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 21.80V
  • Short-circuit current (Isc) 11.47A
  • Temperature coefficient of Voc -(80±10)mV/°C
  • Temperature coefficient of Isc (0.065±0.015)%/ °C
  • Temperature coefficient of power -(0.5±0.05)%/ °C
  • NOCT (Air 20°C; Sun 0.8kW/m2 wind 1m/s) 47±2°C
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
  • Power tolerance ± 3%
  • Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
  • 2-Year Limited Material and Parts Workmanship Warranty
  • 10-Year 90% Output Warranty
  • 25-Year 80% Output Warranty

Newpowa offers free shipping for all domestic orders (48 states). Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days from the date payment is cleared plus transit time, ships from Southern California. Please note that we are unable to ship to PO Box addresses for any size of solar panels. Upon shipment, a tracking number will be provided.

  • 5th Oct 2023 Gary Murata


    i bought 4 of these panels to mount on my 170WB high roof sprinter. They work great and are length of the panel is perfect for the width of the roof of the sprinter van. Wish I could post pictures

  • 31st Jul 2023 Jason Orozco


    I purchased 10 of these sturdy, well made solar panels to feed into my solar generator. Works great. I get really good charge input provided I have my panels peaked towards the sun properly. You can't go wrong with these bad boys.

  • 25th Jan 2023 Jim Sallee


    Ordered 8 of these and 2 of the 24V variant back in June last year 2022. Construction seems solid, quality and output is great. The 8 12V panels are running through a Victron SmartSolar 150/100 VE.Can MPPT controller. I had one panel develop a burn through for whatever reason. These things happen when your cranking out thousands of products. In short a couple quick emails and a new panel was on my doorstep in less than a week from start to finish. Absolutely will keep buying their products.

  • 23rd Jul 2022 Erald de hoog


    Ordered 6 of these panels since the form factor was great for my application on my RV. Could even add 4 more if I want. Created framework which is attached to the brackets which supports the sides. This way no drilling in he roof needed and a lot of room underneath for air circulation. The panels perform better than I expected, seen production of 1066 W today in the Ohio sun giving 88%. I connected the panels in 2s3p configuration. Delivery was fast and they were in good shape.

  • 30th May 2022 anonymous


    I purchased a single 200W 9bb panel to test before commuting to another 5-7 of these panels. The panel is charging 2 122ah lead acid batteries in parallel. The first full day in the sun it generated 700 watts which was sufficient to fully charge (from 12.4v) and keep the batts charged until sundown while running a 1000w inverter, RV fridge running in propane mode (electronic control panel), a 13” 110v fan and occasional small load from charging mobile devices. I have observed input Volts as high as 18.9 and current as high as 8amps. So far this panel has no problem keeping my crappy batteries charged to full during sun hours around Tucson, AZ. I’m not inclined to run my batteries down low overnight to see what sort of maximum Watts or Amps it will kick out during the day, but suffice to say this panel is well worth the cost.

  • 29th Jun 2021 james forsyth


    I bought this panel to keep my auxiliary batteries charged up for my RV. Great buy! In fact, I am going to buy another one soon. Super easy to install and connect. I suggest buying the correct gauge connection cables for the panel to the solar controller, and the solar controller to the battery. The panel has kept my two extra batteries full and it hasn’t even had a day of full sunlight. Definitely recommend by me. Thank you!

  • 30th Apr 2020 Fixer


    I test a lot of solar cells. These are an excellent value and a recommended buy. So why only 4 stars? Because this, like almost all solar companies, claims a "theoretical, lab-value" wattage, not what they actually produce. Until they start advertising wattages at close to real world conditions, then they will not get 5 stars from me.Test Conditions:Florida, April, Clear sky, noonish, 75 degrees, panels pointed directly at sun (so pretty much real-world ideal)Epever Triron MPPT 30 amp charger, LiFEPO 175 AH battery about half charged.Two Newpowa 200watt (claimed) panels tested.They averaged about 170 watts during my test (varied between 165 and 175 with perfect sun). That's an 85% actual-to-claimed wattage, which is fairly typical. I saw 11.3 amps (at 15.4 volts) output, which is pretty close to their claimed maximum operating amps of 11.76 (but they claim that at 17v, hence their 200 watt claim).Keeping all that in mind, I connected both in series and the MPPT charger was pumping a pretty steady 23 amps into my battery at around 13.7 volts - pretty nice for two panels of this size range. The power per square foot comes out pretty comparable to similar panels I've tested in lower wattages.They almost come out to $1 per watt which should be a target for anyone looking for solar panels now. You can get some for slightly less than $1 per watt but then you need to factor in support, reliability, warranty, etc. One of my favorite panels is the RICH SOLAR 50/80/100 Watt 12 Volt ETFE Flexible panel - they reach claimed wattage and are tough and lightweight, though more expensive per watt than glass frame panels because they are flexible (but they are great for extra panels that need to be portable). The BougeRV 170 panels are nice too.If you don't know how to test a panel, please don't post a review about them not delivering power. I highly recommend the Epever Triron MPPT chargers. I have two and will probably buy more.

  • 4th Mar 2020 Mountain Beaches


    I bought 6 of the 200 watt panels several weeks ago for use on top of our 5th Wheel RV and could not be happier. They arrived within a few days and the the packaging was outstanding. No damage whatsoever. I just installed these so I'll update this later with details on efficiency but so far so good!

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