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Mike & Joni

The ambition to explore all 69 U.S. National Parks requires a robust and reliable solar setup, and Mike & Joni have met the challenge head-on. Their 36-foot fifth-wheel trailer is equipped with four of Newpowa’s 220W 12V Solar Panels, securely mounted with Curved Z Brackets, effectively doubling the capacity found in Brian & Michelle’s setup. A single Frigate 40A MPPT Charge Controller is at the heart of their system, ensuring their batteries are efficiently charged. The 2000W Inverter, paired with a Remote Monitor, provides them the convenience to keep exploring without worry. Additionally, their 200W Foldable Solar Panel Kit and 700W Portable Generator offer them flexible power solutions while they venture into the great outdoors.

Steve & Erin

Steve and Erin have taken their off-grid aspirations to the next level, creating a powerhouse on wheels with a blend of 210W and 200W Mono Solar Panels totaling an impressive capacity for renewable energy generation. With 14 of the 210W 24V Mono Panels and 4 of the 200W 24V Panels, they have a vast solar array capable of recharging their massive battery bank, ensuring they have plenty of power regardless of their location. For mobility and backup, their 200W Lightweight Foldable Solar Panel Kit coupled with a 700W Portable Generator means they're prepared for anything, truly embodying the spirit of sustainable living.

Brian & Michelle

Brian and Michelle have fitted their travel trailer with an optimal solar setup that speaks volumes about efficiency and reliability. By mounting 2 of Newpowa's 220W 12V Solar Panels and utilizing our Curved Z-Brackets, they have ensured a stable and aerodynamic fit for their adventures. These panels feed into our Frigate 40A MPPT Charge Controller, managing power flow to their 2x 12V 100Ah Lithium Batteries. The inclusion of a 2000W Inverter allows them to power their essentials seamlessly, proving that sustainable living doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort on the road.

We are looking for creative individuals
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The Newpowa Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive group of like-minded individuals with a passion for Solar! This is a community built for those who enjoy the off-grid lifestyle and advocate clean energy in their shared pursuit of outdoor adventures.

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Chance to collaborate with our team.
Increase social media presence.

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