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Mike & Joni

Mike and Joni are an Ohio couple who love to travel. They have been camping since 2003, where they started in a tent and progressed to their current rig, a 36-foot fifth-wheel trailer. They are National Parks Geeks and hope to visit & camp at all 69 parks. They have currently been to 23 National Parks. With retirement in the near future, they are stretching their camping wings and are spending more time Boondocking. They have a social media presence called “Those Who Glamp Together”. Initially, it was to share their adventures with their grandchildren, in hopes they would want to visit the places Mike & Joni have documented. But it has turned into a growing community of adventurers they hope to have inspired to not wait until tomorrow. But rather, seize the day and get out there today for the adventure of a lifetime.

Mike & Joni’s Newpowa Setup

Mike & Joni are running four of our 220W 12V Solar Panels mounted on our Curved Z Brackets on the top of their 36-foot fifth-wheel trailer which is then paired to one of our Frigate 40A MPPT Charge Controllers to charge their onboard batteries. To gain additional AC power, Mike and Joni are also using one of our 2000W Inverters with a Remote Monitor for when they are out exploring all 69 U.S. National Parks. Lastly, for on-the-go power, Mike & Joni use our 200W Foldable Solar Panel Kit alongside our 700W Portable Generator.

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