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Brian & Michelle

We are Brian & Michelle Coleman. We have been together since 2006 and have traveled to almost all of the United States, Mexico, and much of Europe. We have traveled in our tent, in B&Bs, in hotels, and now in our travel trailer named Casa de Camino (translation: House of the Journey or Road House). We call her CC for short. We spend part of the year in Dayton, Ohio where we are both teachers. When we are not in the classroom you will find us traveling. We have backpacked parts of the Appalachian Trail and North Country Trail, have visited/hiked more than 40 national parks, and completed some bike touring.

Brian & Michelle’s Newpowa Setup

Brian & Michelle are running 2 of our 220W 12V Solar Panels mounted to their travel trailer using 2 sets of our Curved Z-Brackets. The solar panels are then connected to 1 of our Frigate 40A MPPT Charge Controllers for seamless and reliable power regulation for 2 of our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries. To use the power they generate, the Colemans are also using 1 of our 2000W Inverters.

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