1500W Lemi Portable Power Station


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LEMI's Intelligent and Reliable 1500W LiFePO4 Power Station is small but powerful. It can easily start cars, charge computers and phones, and do a lot more. It's also ideal for emergency situations because it's powerful enough to power energy-intensive machines like power saws. What makes it robust and dependable is that it works efficiently in every setting, whether it's a snow-covered mountaintop or a roaring campfire outside the tent.

Key Features

  • LEMI 1500W Portable Power Station: Aviation grade aluminum alloy frame with fireproof and flame retardant shell. Portable Size: 37 x 22 x 31 (H) CM, Weight: 48 Lbs
  • Easy Operate and Recharging: It has 3 control ways (Button Switch, Touch Screen Control, APP Operation) and 4 recharging methods. Packed with state-of-the-art automotive-grade soft-pack LiFePO4 batteries, pioneered BMS micro-monitoring, lightning-fast recharging options, intuitive touch screen, abundant DC and AC ports, 15w wireless phone charger, and more
  • Foldable Handle for Outdoor: Ergonomically designed retractable handle for a comfortable grip, which helps to increase storage space and facilitate the placement of items. With a large capacity of 1536Wh, all your devices such as phones, laptops, hair dryers, mixers, refrigerators, drills, etc. would be continuously powered for several hours. Just keep the outdoor party going with LEMI 1500. You will never get into trouble due to power outages or natural disasters
  • Long-Lasting Battery and UPS Backup: LEMI 1500 uses a new, enhanced soft-pack battery technology that's designed to last up to 5000 cycles, which is twice as long as most standard batteries. It also features UPS backup, which ensures that your devices stay powered even during a power outage
  • Temperature Resistant: Operate normally and consistently in extreme cold weather up to -20℃. Trying its best to power your life, anytime, anywhere. The recommended temperature range: Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +45℃; Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
  • Important Safety Tips: To ensure safe and optimal use of LEMI, please read the manual before using, fully charge it the first time, and keep it away from water
  • LiFePO4: The high-capacity built-in battery pack guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring you have enough power to keep your devices running for extended periods. The user-friendly LCD display provides real-time information on battery status, input/output wattage, and charging progress, giving you full control over your power consumption
  • Product Code LM-P1
  • Capacity 1536Wh(51.2V/30Ah)
  • Battery Type LiFePO4 Battery
  • Solar Panel Input 15V-58V/10A Max
  • Car Charge Input 12V-36V/10A Max
  • DC Power Input 12V-36V/10A Max
  • AC Input 100-230VAC/5OOW Max(60/5OHz)
  • Wireless Charge 1*15W
  • LED Lamp 2*3W
  • Storage Temperature -20°C ~+60°C
  • Normal Operating Temperature -10°C~+45°C
  • Dimension 370*220*310 MM
  • Net Weight 19.5 KG
  • 1-Year Limited Material and Parts Workmanship Warranty

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