16th Oct 2023

As we gear up for another winter season, many of us off-grid enthusiasts are thinking about the effects of snow on our solar panels. After all, if you rely on solar power to keep your homestead, tiny cabin, or RV running, the last thing you want is for heavy snow to damage your panels.

That's why paying attention to snow load ratings is essential when choosing solar panels. These ratings refer to the maximum weight a solar panel can handle from snow load before it buckles or breaks.

At Newpowa, we pride ourselves on offering only the best solar panels, and our solar panels' 5400 Pascal rating is a testament to that commitment. This rating means that our solar panels can withstand a snow load of up to 5400 pascals or around 110-113 pounds per square foot.

It's crucial to note that not all solar panels are created equal. Cheaper, lower-rated panels may seem like a bargain, but they could cost you more in the long run if they can't handle the snow load in your area. Investing in high-quality, well-rated solar panels like ours ensures you'll enjoy your off-grid lifestyle for years to come.

But our high snow load rating is just one of the many features that make our off-grid solar panels the best choice for those looking to go off the grid. We also offer customizable options, high-efficiency ratings, and durable construction materials to ensure that our panels can handle whatever challenges come their way.

Of course, you can take steps to mitigate the effects of snow on your solar panels, such as installing them on a tilt mount to encourage snow to slide off. Another way is to manually clear the snow from your solar panel. Either way, with a 5400 Pascal rating, you can rest assured that your Newpowa solar panels can handle even the heaviest of snow loads.

So, as winter approaches, don't leave the safety of your solar panels to chance. Choose Newpowa for top-rated solar panels that you can trust.

Be Wise, Go Solar!