9th Oct 2023

What’s the rated voltage of Newpowa 200W 12V Mono Solar Panels? Its specifications say 18.60V (Vmp) and 21.8V (Voc), even though it's advertised at 12V.

The rated voltage of Newpowa 200W 12V Mono Solar Panels may seem confusing based on its specifications, which state that the panels' nominal voltage is 12V, while the Vmp is 18.6V and the Voc is 21.8V. However, this is not contradictory to its advertised voltage of 12V. The 12V nominal voltage tells you that you can pair it with a 12V battery.

The Vmp (maximum power voltage) and Voc (open circuit voltage) are simply technical values that provide a better understanding of the panel's capabilities. The 18.6V Vmp refers to the max the solar panel can reach under direct sunlight and perfect conditions, while the 21.8V Voc refers to the voltage the panel can produce when it is not connected to any loads.

Can I have 24V panels wired in parallel through an MPPT charge controller for a 12V battery?

Yes, you can have 24V panels wired in parallel through an MPPT charge controller for a 12V battery. However, it's important to note that if the MPPT charge controller does not have 24V capabilities, it will step down the voltage from 24V to 12V, resulting in lower current output from the panels. So, while using this setup is possible, it may not be the most efficient or optimal solution for your needs. Our recommendation is to always try to use a controller with 12V/24V auto-switch capabilities.

Does my charge controller consume battery power when the sun starts going down? Is there a way to prevent this SOC decrease?

No, a good quality charge controller does not consume battery power when the sun starts going down. This is because a charge controller works by regulating the current that flows between the solar panels and the batteries. Therefore, it does not rely on battery power to function.

However, your batteries' state of charge (SOC) may decrease as the sun starts going down. To prevent this, you can invest in a charge controller with a low voltage disconnect or night-time disconnect feature. These features will automatically disconnect or close off the batteries from the controller and panels once their voltage drops to a certain level. This will prevent further discharge and ensure your batteries are always in good condition.

I have a 240W 12V Newpowa Solar Panel connected to a Frigate 40A MPPT Charge Controller. What size fuse should I place between my Solar Panel & Charge Controller?

Since the current at Pmax is 10.4A, we then multiply that by a safety factor of 1.25 to get 13A. For example, 10.4 x 1.25 = 13A, and then we round up to 15A for added security. We recommend using a 15A fuse in between your 240W 12V Solar Panel and Frigate 40A Charge Controller. However, this fuse recommendation is only for one panel. If you plan on adding panels to your setup, your fuse capacity may need to change. This also depends on how you wire your panels together.