1st Feb 2024

As one of the largest RV gatherings and expos in the United States, the Quartzsite RV Show is an event we always look forward to with great enthusiasm. This year, we had a chance to mingle with seasoned RVers, curious newcomers, and every type of RV enthusiast in between.

At the show, we were able to set up and showcase our products and answer all our customers’ questions. Engaging with them and resolving their inquiries face-to-face is an experience that we truly value, and we were more than thrilled with the curiosity and interest shown by visitors.

But what really stole the show for us were our informative seminars; which talked about ‘RV Solar 101’ and ‘RV Solar Maintenance.’ These presentations offered valuable insight and were jam-packed with informative discussions on RV solar solutions and maintenance methods, a pair of topics we are very passionate about.

‘RV Solar 101’ was aimed at educating people about the benefits of solar power in an RV lifestyle. It provided information on what each component does, how to utilize the power of the sun to generate electricity, reduce dependency on generators, and in essence, make the RV lifestyle more eco-friendly. The audience was introduced to various aspects of solar power utilization in an RV setting including the best ways to set up panels, different types of solar batteries, and even how to optimize their solar power usage.

The 'RV Solar Maintenance' seminar delved into the maintenance aspect of having solar installations in your RV. The crowd learned about the most effective ways to ensure a solar system's longevity, like proper cleaning, preventing shading, and routine checkups. Moreover, it addressed some common maintenance issues that may come up and the best ways to troubleshoot them.

The response to these seminars was astounding. It was great to see such enthusiastic participation and the appetite to learn more about utilizing solar energy effectively.

In conclusion, the Quartzsite RV Show has been an incredible opportunity to engage with the community and impart knowledge on the advantages of integrating solar power into RV living. We are truly inspired by the engagement, enthusiasm, and the passion for RV lifestyles demonstrated at the show. We can't wait to be back in 2025 to continue the discussion and hopefully introduce even more people to the wonderful world of Newpowa solar power for RVs.

Be Wise, Go Solar!