21st Jul 2022

Part 1: Introduction to Pacific Discovery

We here at Newpowa are proud to announce our sponsorship of Pacific Discovery. Pacific Discovery is made up of a very unique group of individuals from different walks of life, all striving towards a common goal. Their goal as a team and organization is very special as they seek to help those in need. This caught our eye as a company and that’s why we chose to sponsor this organization and team as we have a corporate responsibility and duty to help in every way that we can. The Pacific Discovery crew will row from historic Monterey Bay, California to the finish line in Nawiliwili Harbor located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. More on that later in this series, so stay tuned!

The Sea Crew

From Left to Right: Andrei Celovschi, Cam Parker, Tia Patricios, Stuart Thompson

Those involved in this voyage are true adventure seekers, which is another reason we chose to sponsor the Pacific Discovery team. Their aspirations and goals are honorable as they seek to help those who are suffering from internal struggles. When we learned of this, our corporate values, responsibilities and duties brought us closer together with the entire team over at Pacific Discovery and we are very honored to be a part of it.

Now let’s briefly talk about the mission. Their journey will take them from California to Hawaii and will be something to remember, not just emotionally, but physically because for forty straight days they will:

  • row continuously, taking breaks every 2 hours to rest
  • see forty sunrises and sunsets
  • operate and sleep in tight quarters
  • exist alongside some of the Pacific Oceans’ most beautiful and dangerous creatures such as whales, dolphins, and even great white sharks

Going up against whatever mother nature throws at them, there is no question that they will be put to the ultimate test out there. However, the overall consensus amongst the team is pure excitement as with every day that passes, they are ever so close to launching from the dock and getting underway.

As we close out this blog, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why are they attempting such a dangerous mission?” This question will be answered in our next Newpowa X Pacific Discovery blog as we will be providing you with monthly updates leading up to the big race on June 12th, 2023.

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