POWALL 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Perfects for any off-grid system, Less wear, Strong inductive Loads Capability. This is an inverter converting DC from your car battery to AC for whatever you want to use within its Wattage range.

Newpowa 500W Sine Wave Inverter has 1 x battery clamps cable, 1 x12V cigarette lighter plug cable. Plug cigarette lighter plug cable into 12v cigarette lighter outlet to provide continuous DC to AC power. It can also pull power from the battery by clamping the alligator battery clips directly to the car battery. It also has two AC outlets that operate any 110V device and 2 5V/2.4A USB ports that automatically detect your small electronic device to provide the fastest charging speed.

The sine wave inverter has a good thermal protection sensor and has a built-in fan that turns on when the inverter gets hot when powered up.

The sine wave inverter has multiple protection features, it protects perfectly for your device from over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, overload, Short circuits. It will not drain your battery dry because of an under-voltage protection point. The Inverter does automatically senses overload conditions and shuts down AC power when the load exceeds 500W. You will need to power Off/On to reset the overload condition indicated by the Flashing Red.

Sine wave inverter is suitable for solar and wind power generation field and other places that need an emergency backup power supply, it can constitute an EPS emergency power supply system.

More performance:

  • 1). Pure sine wave output, suitable for TV, refrigerator, induction cooker, electric fan.
  • 2). Microprocessor (CPU) control technology, superior performance.
  • 3). Wide input voltage range, high precision output, automatic voltage regulator.
  • 4). Simple LCD display, convenient to observe the machine state.
  • 5). Power supply time can be arbitrarily configured according to different requirement6). Intelligent battery management, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, prolong battery life.

Key Features

  • AC side: 1 x DC port, 1 x type-C port, 2 x USB port, 2 x AC outlets, 1 x On/Off button
  • A low-noise high-speed fan helps to keep the inverter running at a low temperature
  • A durable aluminum shell provides strong protection for the unit
  • 1-Year Limited Material and Parts Workmanship Warranty

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  • 8th Jun 2022 ALBERT BONGORNO


    I purchased this inverter for a close friend. He works for the city and does repairs in the field. He uses this inverter to power tools in the field. He said it is the very best tool in the truck and would never be without it. He loves it and plans to purchase two, one for his car and one for his own pickup. My wife saw it and wants one for our pickup also. Off I go to purchase one for us after I give Newpowa five Gold Stars for excellence. Many thanks Newpowa, you have a lifetime customer. Albert B..Coeur D Alene, Idaho

  • 4th May 2022 Frank P


    Will use to run some lights, radio,and tv. Not all at once

  • 28th Aug 2021 Jerry Malone


    It has worked very good cheapest price for a pure sine wave inverter I sine midfield for the same price or more for the same watts.

  • 12th Apr 2021 George Gibson


    I like it for it's sinewave output for equipment that needs it, like my ebike charger. My old converter seemed to work, but it flickered a red fault while running and I didn't want it to quit while on a camping trip. The ebike charger calls for sinewave power and it works fine for that.I also like it for it's charging ports for cellphone charging, etc.I don't like the cigar lighter jack for input power as it doesn't work (insert deep enough) on my rear cigar lighter jack in the truck of the car - it doesn't make contact. It does work, however, on the cigar lighter port in the front seat so I can use it without having to clip onto the battery - oops it blew the 20Amp fuse.I also need a small extension cord to reach the bike on the back rack on the car.I actually blew out a 20Amp fuse on the front seatport. I determined that none of the power Jack's can handle this charger. I clip on to the battery-post connectors and it works fine, but I can't drive with it under the hood as the temperature is too high and it faults out (red light). It works fine with the engine off, hood fastened or not. I'd like to hook a 30Amp inline fuse to a cord so I could thread it to the trunk to the power supply input connector - I can splice in onto the unusable cig-lighter power input cable with handy soldering iron and electrical tape. Otherwise I'd be only able to use it when parked and I want to run the ebike charger while driving.BTW it runs the air mattress pump much faster than the old square wave converter.The problem with the cig-lighter is due to the Outback wiring all fuse 10 or 20 Amps too low for this or an actual lighter. . With a cig-lighter socket that could actually handle an electric lighter it would work just fine.Like a lot of things you might have to do modifications to make them work right.

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