Newpowa X Battle Born Batteries

Newpowa Is Now Offering Battle Born Batteries!

A Battery can Only Last as Long as it’s Powered

Battle Born Batteries + Newpowa Solar Panels = Recipe for Success

Advance Your Solar System to the New Heights

with Battle Born Batteries & Newpowa

Battle Born Batteries harnesses the power of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), bringing the most efficient, stable, and powerful lithium-ion battery to the market. 

Newpowa is a leading international provider of Off-Grid Solar Solutions, with presence in more than dozens of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Leverage Newpowa’s Off-Grid Journey to a New Level with Battle Born Batteries

Battle Born Batteries specializes in Manufacturing State of the Art LiFePO4 Batteries. Made with Safety and Reliability in Mind!


Advantages of Battle Born Batteries

- Longer Lasting Compared to Lead Acid

- Versatile Battery Options

- Onboard Battery Management System

- Limited 10yr Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Revolutionize Your Battle Born Batteries Setup with Newpowa Solar Panels

Newpowa specializes in Everything Off-Grid Solar. We support a wide range of applications from RVs, Overlanding, Van Conversions and So Much More!


Advantages of Newpowa Solar Panels

- Efficient & Powerful Cell Technology

- Application Versatility

- Reliable & Clean Energy

- Designed in the USA


"Be Wise, Go Solar" X "Get Out There, Stay Out There"

The main purpose of bringing two of the industry-leading off-grid energy providers together is to achieve one common goal – Energy Independence. Together we strive to provide consumers with the best batteries and solar panels currently available so they can get one step closer to cleaner energy. It has always been our mission here at Newpowa to serve our customers with high-quality solar products, alongside unparalleled customer service. Now, we’re excited to execute our mission alongside a fellow clean-energy company, Battle Born Batteries!

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