Forum Extravaganza

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Are you interested in winning a 200W Solar Panel, Store Credit, or a $30 Coupon?

1st Place

1x 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel (NPA200S-12I)

2nd Place

$100 Store Credit

3rd Place

$50 Store Credit

Other Users Who Made New Posts/Replies

$30 Coupon

*Store Credit will be assigned to your Newpowa account associated with the same email address used for your Forum Account.

*The $30 coupon is redeemable with $200 minimum purchase and will expire on 4/30 at 11:59 PM PDT. This coupon cannot be combined with any other offers/promotions. 

❤ Make sure you make qualifying posts & replies during this event to rank up!
❤ The higher your rank, the more chances you’ll win a prize.
❤ To receive your prizes quickly, please make sure that the email address used for your Newpowa Account is the same email address you used for the Forum.

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Please make sure your posts & replies abide by the following standards, as well as our Forum Rules & Guidelines.

*Newpowa Admins and Moderators will conduct content validation during the extent of this event.

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1 Point:

◆ To the user who posted the item being replied/commented to

◆ To the user who gave the reaction on the post/comment

◆ To the user who made the post/comment that received the reaction

2 Points:

◆ To the user who followed another user’s content item (message, image, video, etc.)

◆ To the user who is followed by another user

5 Points:

◆ To the user who replied/commented on a user’s post

◆To the user who posted the content item (message, image, video, etc.)

50 Points:

◆ To the user who replied/commented for the first time

◆ To the user who replied/commented for the tenth time

◆ To the user who posted the first content item (message, image, video, etc.)

The Result Are In!

NO.1   505 points

NO.2  335 Points

NO.3 170 Points

Users Who Made New Posts/Replies

Hughes500Pilot, pboyle, glancyma, mikeman, JohnJ, harlan, Kristen Wesche, Greg,

KingKoopa08, Douglas, Ponda Powers, Scoob, ekw, Boguslaw, Young,

Drew S., Willie, RCM, Lucille Bound, R. Sly, Ken

Additional Prize Information

▶ Use the same email address for both your Forum Account and your Newpowa Account.

▶ If you’re on the list of Winners, but don’t receive a Notification Email, please contact

▶ If we are unable to find your account information associated with the Forum Account email, we will directly contact you by 3/24.

*Forum Extravaganza prizes can be combined with other promotions/coupons (excluding the $30 coupon) and is valid only at The $30 coupon cannot be won by 1st to 3rd place winners, is redeemable with $200 minimum purchase, and expires on 4/30/23 at 11:59 PM PDT. Rankings will only be counted from 3/1/23 to 3/15/23. Store credit will be added to the winner's Newpowa account by 3/24/23, provided the same email address was used for both Newpowa website & Forum accounts. By participating in the Forum Extravaganza event, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated on the Forum Extravaganza landing page and in the Newpowa Forum Rules and Guidelines. Previous orders do not qualify for store credit and/or $30 coupon, and no adjustments can be made. Newpowa America Inc. reserves the right to modify, change, or terminate this event and its prizes at any time without prior notice.