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Lewis & Taran

Meet Lewis & Taran, the creators of SeaScope. Lewis is a professional sailor who has been teaching sailing and Scuba diving, working on yachts and traveling around the world for the last 10 years. Taran is also a professional sailor and has a degree in product design from the University of Utah. They are both skilled technicians, crafters, and creators. SeaScope is a project they have created as they hope to showcase salty adventures, promote ocean research, and highlight areas for change. Their base and floating home is SV Saros, a 37’ Pacific Seacraft. They are currently sailing down the coast of California to Mexico before departing to the South Pacific in Spring 2023.

Lewis & Taran’s Newpowa Setup

Since SeaScope will be going to some of the most remote places in the world, they have designed the boat to be as self-sufficient as possible. All onboard power will come from three New 100W Compact 12V Mono Solar Panels, which will power lights, navigational equipment, laptops, and phones. They will also have a 700W Portable Solar Generator to help them catch up on work, charge devices, and even run a small projector to watch movies at night. Moreover, LED Solar Powered String Lights will light up their outside space in the evenings, which will be useful as they move into warmer climates and spend more nights outside.

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