Brand Ambassador Josh Roelle

Josh Roelle

Growing up in a family of campers, Josh is no stranger to the greater outdoors. It all started when Josh’s grandfather founded the Campers Club in Ohio and that has carried through the generations. Presently, Josh resides in Arizona with his wife and two kids, while managing various social media channels.


"Our mission is to create a welcoming culture where people from all backgrounds and skill levels can feel comfortable learning and advancing their skills. We aim to educate others through our learned experiences traveling as a family in our 2015 Jeep Wrangler, "Clifford"."


 - Josh Roelle

Josh’s Newpowa Setup

Josh purchased our 70W 12V Monocrystalline in March of 2020. This specific module has since been uplifted to a higher-efficiency 75W, featuring a weather-resistant rugged design that incorporates a durable TPT back sheet to enhance the longevity of the panel. This composite-layer film is designed to dissipate heat and optimize performance – ideal for desert adventure enthusiasts.


Josh recently got our 700W Portable Solar Generator as well as our 60W foldable panel and had a chance to use both off-grid solar solutions on his most recent trip to Colorado this past August. Josh plans to use this duo to complete his well-rounded Solar Setup to keep all his off-grid adventures reliably powered on all his future trips.

Josh’s Feedback

“Overall, I am very pleased with the 700W generator. I charged it one time midway through the trip, and for 10 days it kept our phones, tablet, cameras, and my son's RC truck charged up. I still have around 40% charge left from the end of the trip. The USB ports and the AC plugs worked fantastic. I also REALLY like the wireless charger on top. It was super convenient to just drop a phone on top and quickly gain some charge without needing to dig cables out of the Jeep. My friend who came with us and had a generator from another brand was jealous of all the additional charge ports we had (both USB and AC) compared to his generator. Overall, very happy with it. The battery life is incredible. The features are fantastic. Plenty of charge ports for various needs, and the wireless charger on top is a huge win. Oh, and I was able to easily make a solar plug adapter to use the 60W foldable panel, as well as an extended length 12V charger. I used SAE connectors to make multiple universal connectors and cable extenders to keep in the Jeep, that also work with my existing plugs for our solar setup.”

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