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Alex & Jae

Alex and Jae are both paramedics from a small town an hour north of Toronto, Canada and love to travel! They got into Overlanding in 2019 when they started modifying the Tacoma for the first off-road adventure. Since then, they have added many modifications along the way. When they are not working, Alex and Jae spend as much time as possible outdoors with their pup Wiley and adventure cat Jax. Recently they bought 2022 4runner and created a new build to accompany the Tacoma on future adventures. 

Alex & Jae’s Newpowa Setup

For the previous year and a half, Alex and Jae have used our 100W 12V Mono solar panel on the Tacoma, which is mounted to the roof rack with a custom pivot so that they can angle it for the optimal sun. It helps to power the fridge and charge the power bank which they use to run almost everything at camp. Another 100W panel will be mounted on the roof of 2022 4Runner and connected to the power bank to charge phones, power lights, and run a fridge.  

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