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Newpowa X Pacific Discovery

Part 3: The Sea Crew & Land Crew

In this installment of our Newpowa X Pacific Discovery blog series, we will be covering the Sea and Land Crew of the Pacific Discovery voyage, which will be rowing across the Pacific Ocean come June of 2023.

The Sea Crew


Andrei is the brains of the team. When he is not practicing for the Pacific Discovery, Andrei works as a software developer and engineer for a company in Switzerland. Over the course of his life, Andrei has been a forward thinker and doer. This voyage will give him the opportunity to apply his mind and skillsets toward rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Being a major morale booster, he will aid the team immensely with his strength, humor, and perseverance. 


Cam has been there and done that! At least when it comes to rowing across an ocean since he is the only team member to do so and let’s just say he wants another chance to do it again. As the only member of the team to row across an entire ocean, Cam brings a plethora of added knowledge of what lies ahead. He is always looking for opportunities to grow and help others grow as well. One last thing about Cam Parker is that you cannot escape his trademarked selfies!


Tia has a fascination for anything to do with water and nature in general. She is also a huge fan of outdoor adventures and is happiest when she is exploring. This makes her a perfect member of the Pacific Discovery team. According to the rest of her teammates, she is driven by her principles and her adventurous lifestyle. No matter what, she hopes to gain rich memories from her voyage across the pacific with the rest of the crew.


Lastly, we have Stuart, a man who loves everything about sailing. Having served his homeland, the United Kingdom, as a Naval Engineer in the Royal Navy, he could not pass up the chance to accomplish the Pacific Discovery challenge. Stuart is extremely eager to build up this team into a formidable force to take on the Pacific Ocean.

The Land Crew

Pacific Discovery’s Land Crew is comprised of 4 distinguishable women, all of whom have important responsibilities and have been chosen for a specific reason.

Mary Ervin is Pacific Discovery’s U.S. Advisor and is a communications expert. Her negotiation skills make her a deadly and valuable asset to the team.

Joy Maurer is an expert storyteller, who wears the team’s PR hat while juggling their vast amount of content while serving as a vital link for the sea crew to make it to shore.

Then we have Caroline Sharley, the team’s well-being coach. She helps the entire team stay mentally focused while helping them visualize their goals so that they can better accomplish them.

Lastly, we have Penny Bird. The photographical genius behind Pacific Discovery. You can find her always behind her camera shooting amazing content.

As one of the corporate sponsors and providers of solar equipment for Pacific Discovery, a diverse and unique team, we stand alongside them and wish them nothing but success during their voyage.

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