20W Solar Battery Maintainer Kit



Product Description

Newpowa's NPA20S-12H-KIT trickle charger kit helps keep your battery maintained with the use of solar power. This 20W kit comes with all accessories needed to plug into your 12V battery. It is perfect for RVs, fences, boats, and many more applications to keep your batteries from going flat. 

Kit Includes

  • 1x 20W high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar panel with pre-attached 3ft cables (Model NPA20S-12H), with 3ft length cable and Anderson connectors.
  • 1x 10A PWM Smart Charge controller with USB output for charging small electronics (Model NPA-GP2410D)
  • 1 x battery clamps with 3ft length high copper wire that connect controller to battery




2 year limited material and workmanship warranty

10 year 90% output warranty

25 year 80% output warranty




2 year limited material and workmanship warranty 

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