JOYRIDAR 40A MPPT Charge Controller (Single Item)




Our latest JOYRIDAR 40A MPPT Charge Controller is well-equipped to regulate energy from your solar panel to your batteries. This module ensures highest efficiency by maximizing energy harvest and achieving full charge in the shortest possible time. The controller is compatible with all four battery variations: Flooded, Sealed, Gel, and Lithium. The vivid LED screen provides a clear display with various information. Remote installation and access is made possible by the compatibility with external Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.


Note: This module is the single stand-alone charge controller ONLY. For Bluetooth add-on functionality, the JOYRIDAR w/ Bluetooth Kit and Stand-alone Bluetooth Add-on are available optionally.

Key Features

  • NEW JOYRIDAR MPPT Charge Controller Series
  • Advanced technology with 99.5% or greater efficiency
  • Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple power points
  • Aluminum backed shell for maximum heat dissipation
  • Temperature compensation designed for optimal charging efficiency
  • Vivid LED display screen
  • Supports 4 charging modes: Sealed, GEL, Flooded and Lithium
  • Dual RS485 protocol allows mobile app accessibility by Bluetooth


  • 2 year limited material and workmanship warranty



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