400W Polycrystalline 12V Starter Kit (w/ Mounting brackets)

SKU: NPA400-12H Starter Kit


Product Description

Newpowa's NPA400-12H Starter Kit (COMPLETE) is the perfect system for those who are new to solar. The kit comes with all necessary components to be used in various off-grid applications such as water pumping, traffic signaling systems, RVs and other off-grid use. 

Kit Includes

  • 4x High-efficiency 100W/12V Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Model NPA100-12H) with pre-attached 3ft MC4 cables
  • 1x 30A PWM controller with LCD
  • 1x 30' MC4 #10 AWG EXTENSION CABLE 15' IN HALF (M/F)
  • 1x 3ft fused wiring (controller to battery)
  • 1x set of four stage parallel connector (flexible) F/MMMM, M/FFFF
  • 4 x set of Z-mount kit (4/set) for roof mounting w/ stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers




  • 2 year limited material and workmanship warranty
  • 10 year 90% output warranty
  • 25 year 80% output warranty




  • 1 year limited material and workmanship warranty

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