In the off-grid solar market, Newpowa is renowned for its quality medium-sized and large-sized panels, 100W and 200W Solar Panel in particular. Recently, the popularity of our small ones has been growing very fast as well. 

Despite that they are much smaller in size, the small wattage panels still have a wide range of applications that can greatly benefit our daily life. Here are some of the common applications below.


Battery Maintainer

People who own RVs, farming tractors, boats, and other vehicles, often use these small wattage panels to power their batteries through trickle charging. In this case, even if their engine has not been running for a long time, the battery can still be recharged and remain in its optimal condition.

Other Applications

In addition to battery maintenance , these small wattage panels are also widely used in other fields.

Gate Opener:

The small panels can collect enough solar power to open and close the gate. Not only does it save you from manually operating the gate, but it also helps to avoid complicated wiring.

Security System:

When installing a security system outdoors, you'd want it to have an independent power source other than your main grid. A small wattage solar panel can greatly contribute to that solution by collecting enough energy during the day.


The small wattage panels are favored by farmers or animal keepers because these solar panels can be easily mounted for electronic fences.

Water Pump:

After adding a small solar panel to the water pump, you can have a great alternative and cost-effective option by converting solar energy into mechanical work.

You can view all of our small wattage solar panels here.