New Year, New Product - A New Generation of Newpowa Solar Generator

Meet Lithium Pro - the 300W Solar Generator utilizes the compact and plug-and-play design to make renewable energy more portable for your travel, outdoor adventures, or as a backup power source. 

Product Features

newpowa 300w solar generator

Power Output

The unit comes with 2 x AC outlets, 3 x DC outputs, 2 x USB, and 1 x type-c ports, as well as a cigarette lighter port. With the lithium battery pack, it ensures a longer life span and discharging time. The solar generator also has a built-in Pure Sine Wave inverter that can better charge your load in a more steady and consistent fasion. 

LED Flashlight

On the side, there is a LED flashlight on this compact solar generator. There are three levels of brightness and SOS mode is avaiable to draw attention. 

Clear LCD Display

The LCD screen will provide a clear indication of the battery capacity, remaining usage time, output icons, output/input wattage, over-temperature warning, etc. 

Solar Charging

You could connect the solar panel and the solar generator through the DC charging port. The charging speed would depend on factors such as solar panel size, sunlight exposure hours, and the panel’s angle towards the sun, etc.

newpowa 300w solar generator

Wall & Car Charging

You could use the included cables to charge the unit through a home AC outlet, as well as your car cigarette lighter port. Both methods would take around 5-6 hours for a full charge.

Comprehensive Protection

The power bank has a built-in inverter with Pure Sine Wave technology. It provides a more stable and consistent power output for your load. In the meantime, the generator is protected from over-current, overload, and short circuit. If any one of those occurs, the generator will automatically shut off and resume normal operation once the problematic load is removed. 


Versatile Applications

newpowa 300w solar generator

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Many CPAP users are worried about the sudden loss of grid power. With this generator, it can keep a ventilator work for 5-7hours when using AC power, or 20 hours with DC charge. 

Emergency Power Source

If there is a power shortage caused by some emergencies or natural disasters, you’d definitely want something that is portable to keep some of your essential devices going. The 280Wh battery capacity ensures a relatively long charging time while not being too heavy and bulky to carry around. 

Road Trips

Newpowa solar generator is a great thing to have during road trips. With the DC ports and built-in inverter, it can charge many of your DC and AC electronic devices such as mini-fridges, fans, drones, laptops, phones, lights, etc. You can use the included cables to charge the unit using your car cigarette lighter. It is even better if you have solar installed, then the unit can be charged without running your car. 


Weighted only around 6.6 pounds, this portable power station is very easy to carry around with the handle. The pre-attached LED flashlight makes it a great power source for all your camp lighting. With the multiple charging ports, the power can be easily shared among your friends and family. You can even bring a projector and run an outdoor movie night! 

View product user manual here for more information.