newpowa solar generator lithium pure sine wave inverter

We have waited so long for this! We are so excited to announce that we are launching the brand new Lithium Pro 300W Portable Solar Generator!

Early bird rate is available on both Newpowa Amazon & The offer is limited time only, and pricing is subject to change. View the price by clicking the icons below.

newpowa solar generator power bank 300w 280wh

newpowa power bank 300w solar generator pure sine wave inverter

300W Lithium Pro Portable Solar Generator

This unit has a compact, plug-and-play, and portable design, as well as many practical functions.

With a 280Wh capacity, this power bank is equipped with lithium battery pack that can be recharged using solar panels, home AC outlets, and car cigarette adapter. 

newpowa 300w portable solar generator

This 300W model has a built-in inverter with Pure Sine Wave technology, meaning it can provide steady and consistent power output that does not harm the connected load. 

newpowa solar generator power bank wide variety applications

Still want to learn more about the product? No problem! Check out our blog and User Manual for more information. In the meantime, feel free to contact our friendly customer support to get extra assistance. 

The 300W Solar Generator is available on both Amazon and our website now. Please remember that the early bird rate is for a limited time only.


*Disclaimer: the early bird rate is for a limited time only, the model is available on both Amazon and The pricing on different platforms might differ and are subject to change, price match service is not available across sites. Due to Covid-19, you may experience delays in shipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support.